Marcus Lyall X Uncommon

Marcus Lyall X Uncommon

To bring a totally unique experience to our newest workspace, Liverpool Street, we have collaborated with one of London’s leading light artists, Marcus Lyall to provide a spectacular bespoke lighting design which monitors heart rates and stress levels through the touch of a finger. Aligning with one of our main focal points, wellness, the installation makes our members aware of the signals inside their body, and to consider how stress affects everyday life.  

In a Heartbeat 

An interactive art installation, which showcases your heartrate through music and light. By placing a finger into a Blood Volume Flow Sensor, the installation works out the heart rate and variability. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is considered to be a good indicator of stress levels and heart health, with high levels of stress demonstrating a metronome in the visuals, compared to a smooth groove rhythm for those who are less stressed. The visuals are designed to take you away from the everyday business of work life, which shows the pulse magnified, and the behaviour of both the visuals and music influenced by heart rate and HRV.   

The soundtrack that accompanies the installation is designed to sooth, with the generative music composition created by leading ambient composer, Richard Norris and the heart rate software designed by neuroscientist, Professor James Kilner. Made up of 7,200 LED red, green and blue lights, resulting in a 3.6m diameter spiral form, the display will be placed in the lobby of Uncommon’s Liverpool Street, open to the public to experience.

 Speaking of his collaboration with us, Marcus says“Uncommon has an emphasis on wellness and balance in the workspace, and while I’m currently exploring how light and sound can help us understand our bodies’ internal signals, Uncommon and I have a mutual desire to a harmonious balance in workplace… which makes this the perfect pairing.” 


The “In a Heartbeat” installation in collaboration with Marcus Lyall and Uncommon will be on display in the lobby of the new Liverpool Street location, Monday to Friday 9am-6pm. 

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