Innovation Catalysts

Innovation Catalysts

Choose productive, creative, and satisfying work environments. Join the coworking revolution. Stride away from traditional stand alone offices. Business grows from innovation and collaboration. Ideas are formed every minute of every day. They’re formed everywhere. Walking down busy London streets, cooking dinner, even in the shower. Grow your ideas and your business. Innovate and inspire colleagues and clients. Coworking spaces are used by small businesses, mobile corporate organisations and freelancers. In this post, we investigate why they’re innovation catalysts.

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Sharing information and ideas is the digital age’s forte. We share more than just physical objects. We share memories and ideas with each other daily. We share news stories on Twitter. We share our walk to work and our friends dancing at parties on Snapchat. We even share photos of our lunches on Instagram. And now we’re sharing workspaces.

Coworking spaces, filled with like minded individuals, are breeding grounds for innovative ideas. Listen, learn and be part of a community. Interact, network, share stories, share information. Coworking spaces bring people together from all industries. Say goodbye to isolated offices, lonely desks and boring coffee breaks. Bounce ideas off each other, fill gaps in knowledge. Individually we’re unique, together we’re unstoppable. Work amongst like minded people and learn from the people who are different to you.

Share space with other businesses and network with new companies and clients. Connections come in handy. Community fosters creativity and innovation too. As businesses and individuals share and inspire each other, creativity and innovation are generated. Enable constant collaboration through your community. Collaboration which can often lead to business expansions or projects.


Enter the flexible worker, free from the boundaries of a 9-5 day. Switch off when you switch off, switch on when you switch on. Make the most of every opportunity and every idea. Work in an environment that’s there when you need it, where you need it. Space for an hour-long meeting or a desk for a week to get your business in order. Coworking space is there for you. Break the chains of limited working hours. Work hard. But find a work space that fits around your creative clock.


Save the bank. Let your business grow without long-term investment and financial commitment. Adjust your work hours and change your workspace to fit your growing business. Coworking spaces provide businesses of any size with a more affordable way of renting a professional space. One size does not fit all. Flee the year’s worth of rent for office space that’s too big. Pay as you go and reduce overhead costs. With company costs at a new minimum, everyone benefits. Start-ups, freelancers and established businesses, they all flourish in a coworking structure. Nature and nurture. Work in an environment that suits you. Look for clean, minimalistic and stimulating surroundings. These make for creative and tranquil environments.

Uncommon workplaces are designed to feel good and foster focus and innovation. Music that maintains your workflow, clean minimalistic surroundings to promote productivity and organisation. Our coworking workspaces provide calm, inspiring environments across the hustle and bustle of London.  

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