Improving Mental Wellbeing in 2019

Improving Mental Wellbeing in 2019

With the New Year now underway, many of us will be reminiscing about the Christmas break, wishing it had lasted just a little bit longer. Getting back to your never-ending To-Do Lists can feel disheartening. The same old routines adding to the January blues. That’s because everyday life can be highly demanding and draining on our mood, often without us realising it.

This is going to change in 2019. Forget the typical New Year’s resolutions (you can learn how to do a  pull-up in 2020). This year, make improving your mental wellbeing your goal.

How to improve mental wellbeing

We can’t always avoid what might be affecting our mental wellbeing. But we can take active steps to improve it. Through small, everyday changes, we can have a healthier mental state.


We are social creatures. We naturally feel better by spending quality time with family and friends. We relax and unwind. The sense of belonging and self-worth. Time with others gives us a chance to talk about how we feel, share experiences, laugh. Life is all about special time spent with those important to us. Not your Monday To-Do List.

It may feel impossible to fit in seeing people. But start small. Try fit in one or two meetups a week. Organise a Sunday get-together. Plan some needed weekly catch ups. Cook a meal and invite everyone around on a Saturday. Meet up for lunch mid-week. Ring your family on your way home. There are lots of pockets of time that can be used to fit in the people who mean the most to us.

‘me’ time

Making space for more ‘me’ time is as important as making time for family and friends. In hectic schedules, it can often feel like you lose you in all the busyness. Not feeling like yourself can make you feel lost and overwhelmed. But set time aside. Make your mental wellbeing a priority. Spend a little time every day doing some TLC. Make time for your favourite hobbies. Take breaks from the every day to explore somewhere new. Learn new skills to boost your know-how. Tick a few things off your bucket list.

Get moving

Being active and eating healthily is vital to mental wellbeing. It may seem like a broken record by now, but a healthy lifestyle is truly one of the best ways to promote a positive mental state. Eating better keeps you energised. Ready to take on challenges. It strengthens your immune system, feeds your brain, keeps your body working. While bad lifestyle habits only drain you. It may seem to help relieve stress in the moment. But over time excessive drinking, smoking and caffeine intake actually depresses your mood instead of raising it.

A healthy diet is only half the battle. Exercising regularly, even if it’s just walking, is vital to keeping you feeling tip-top. Moving your body is a natural way to relieve stress. It also boosts self-esteem. Helping you take on difficulties with more confidence.

Be a Samaritan

When it feels like life is getting to you, it’s easy to get lost in your own feelings. After all, it’s all we can feel. By helping others, we can put our problems into perspective. Volunteering or doing a daily good deed not only helps improve other people’s mental state but also your own. Because when we do good, we feel good.

It doesn’t have to be volunteering. Helping your parents out at the weekend, lending a hand in the office, paying a stranger a compliment. Deliver doughnuts to the Uncommon office. There are loads of ways to do something good each day.

Practise mindfulness

Mindfulness is more than keeping a gratitude journal. It’s about taking the time to stop. Breathe deeply. And take stock of what is good about your life. Being fully present in the moment – aware of where you are, who you are, and where you are going. By training your brain to be mindful you promote better mental wellbeing. Instead of getting lost in how much you have to do or thinking about the 101 tasks you need to complete by the end of the day, take a second to breathe. Stop mindlessly running on autopilot. Stop to look at your life, and observe the present moment.

This could be on the train every morning. Sitting down for your mid-morning coffee break. On the walk home.  Find a small nugget of time each day to pay attention to the present.

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