How to manage stress while working from home

How to manage stress while working from home

It’s odd isn’t it that we can get just as stressed working, whether we are operating from a dedicated workspace such as Uncommon, or from the familiarity of our own home/rooms/flats or gardens.

The main problem many of us felt while working from home was that there were no boundaries, you worked, played, ate, slept all in the same place.  When you are in special workplace environment such as Uncommon, the boundaries are already in situ – the desks, the meeting rooms (how do you have a Zoom meeting in a small flat with housemates around?), the coffee and relaxation areas and most of all the stimulation and energy of other people engaged all around.

While you can’t mimic all of this at home, you can and you should set boundaries.  To begin with have a daily routine. Get up at the same time (every morning) and get dressed, track pants and sweatshirts are fine but NOT PJs. Breakfast isn’t a must, but a coffee, juice or smoothie helps get the brain in gear and add some protein if you can – eggs, avocados or even a protein bar. Make a morning ritual of it. Some of the most successful people on the planet have their own morning ritual with which they start each day. Devise your own and keep it going even when lockdown is over.

Try to have a specific area where you do your work with access to plugs, a small table and if possible a laptop stand (a pile of books is better than nothing) that way you won’t strain your neck, hunch shoulders and get back ache. Keep everything you need in this place and that is your work station or corner…and at the end of the day, close your laptop and leave it, cover it up if you must.

Every day do something, eat something, read something or listen to something which gives you pleasure

Stand up every hour, walk around the room, stretch, make a coffee, or head off for some exercise. Moving is even more important when you are living, sleeping and working in the same space

Breathe. We all do it all the time, but few of us do it properly. For most of us our breathing is far too shallow, we need to get the diaphragm moving and we need to learn how to expunge all the toxins from our lungs. Go online and learn a few breathing techniques which help reduce stress…YouTube have a huge choice from three minutes to 20.

Every day do something, eat something, read something or listen to something which gives you pleasure, and concentrate on it while you are enjoying it. It may only be a few minutes, but listen to a favourite song, cook a favourite dish, bake a cupcake and be mindful all the time while you are engaged in it.

Gratitude is what we should all acknowledge. Every evening write down three things you have enjoyed and are thankful for …keep a gratitude diary. They can be very simple things such as completing a piece of work, the dog you met in the park, the mere fact that the sun is shining and you are healthy.

Stress breakers can be oh-so-simple. So do try be kind to yourself.

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