Green Christmas: plant-based Christmas lunch ideas

Green Christmas: plant-based Christmas lunch ideas

Are you looking for a healthier yet equally tasty alternative to traditional Christmas meals? Take some time to explore some incredible vegetarian cookbooks. The titles we have selected offer a full variety of plant-based recipes for you to try – not only during Christmas, but all year long. All of the books are available in our Sustainability Library at Uncommon Liverpool Street – so come, browse the recipes and surprise your family this year with a new culinary discovery!

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The Yoga Kitchen Plan by Kimberly Parsons

A must-read for anyone who’s into blissful yogic lifestyle or looking for a good introduction to it. The Yoga Kitchen Plan includes not only 80 recipes with lacto-vegetarian food but also features chapters on breathing exercises, meditation and basic yoga practice.

Our Christmas lunch pick: Squash, sage and spelt risotto with amaretti

Leaf by Catherine Phipps

Catherine Phipps has put an enormous amount of work into researching all kinds of culinary leaves. You’d be surprised to learn how varied leaves can be, and the book will hopefully inspire you to use them as a new, interesting, and very budget friendly addition to daily meals.

Our Christmas lunch pick: Brussel sprout Christmas tree


Super Roots by Tanita de Ruijt

Discover the power of roots through an exciting culinary journey. Tanita has collected delicious and healthy recipes inspired by cooking traditions from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and China, bringing them new life by adding a modern twist.

Our Christmas lunch pick: Turmeric pickles

Little Green Kitchen by David Frenkiel & Luise Vindahl

Little Green Kitchen focuses on modern vegetarian meals for the whole family. Created by experienced parents of three, this title can work as a good conversation starter with kids about food and cooking, encouraging them to choose healthy options and alternative diets. You might even discover that your little one is the next Masterchef!

Our Christmas lunch pick: Pumpkin and chocolate stew millet

Root to Bloom by Mat Pember & Jocelyn Cross

Celebrating a zero-waste philosophy, in Root to Bloom its authors share their practical knowledge on how to grow, prepare and eat every edible part of a plant (anything from onion to coriander). It includes extra chapters on other plant use such as medicinal, skin care and preserving.

Our Christmas lunch pick: Spicy apricot chutney


Whole by Harriet Birrell

Whole covers over a hundred plant-based recipes reflecting Harriet Birrell’s seaside lifestyle and focus on wellness and family. Her food is delicious, comforting and simple, yet you can be rest assured that all ingredients are mineral and vitamin rich, and mostly gluten free.

Our Christmas lunch pick: Sweet potato, eggplant and ricotta lasagne

All Day Cocktails by Shaun Byrne & Nick Tesar

Every great meal should be accompanied by equally flavoursome drinks. All Day Cocktails brings you lots of ideas for low and non-alcoholic cocktails made of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. You’ll be set to cheers all day long without worrying about tomorrow’s headache.

Our Christmas lunch pick: Warm cider punch

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