Fuelling the working day

Fuelling the working day

Food gives us the energy to grow our bodies and minds. It helps us stay healthy and productive: two of the most important traits for working at our best. The benefits surpass physical wellbeing as eating well prevents fatigue, reduces stress, builds self-esteem, and elevates our mood. Ensure a balanced diet for a balanced mind. Fuel your working day the right way.

We know that eating the right foods at the right time can be hard when your work gets busy. When you have a lot work on your plate, the food on your plate can easily fall by the wayside.

Sugary, fatty, carby foods provide instant gratification. But this is just a short term comfort. Instead, stock up on food that brings out the best in you. Food that keeps your mind in shape, food that influences your work for the better. Eat to stay motivated throughout your working day, not just to get you through stressful moments.

Here at Uncommon, we blur the lines between work and lifestyle. Without a healthy lifestyle, how can you maintain a healthy working life? These two aspects of life are intrinsically linked, and it’s important not to separate them when aiming for success and wellbeing in the workplace. For the best results, you should maintain healthy eating habits from breakfast through to dinner. Eat better to work better – it’s as simple as that.

We covered the best drinks for your working day, but what about the other part of the equation? Let’s look at some healthy food ideas for work that aid concentration and wellbeing in the office.


Breakfast: kickstart your day


Oats are high in fibre, which means your body gets a steady stream of energy after eating them. They also contain vitamin B which helps break down carbohydrates into good usable energy. Set the tone for your working day with an energised start. Make yourself some morning muesli, or perhaps a colourful granola bowl packed with berries. Embrace those natural fibres.


As well as being a breakfast time staple, eggs are rich in protein and very simple to prepare. Half asleep on a Monday morning? You can probably still muster the energy to boil some eggs. Protein foods will fill you up nicely and stop you from going hungry all morning long. Plus, proteins help create the enzymes necessary for good concentration and memory function. However you like your eggs in the morning, your brain certainly will not be scrambled or fried.


By restoring energy and increasing vitality, spinach sets you up perfectly for the working day. High in iron, rich in fibre, and packed with vitamins, spinach functions as an office work cure-all. Perk up by adding some wilted spinach to your morning omelette or crunch on a side of spinach straight out of the bag while you tuck into your toast.


Elevenses: the mid morning boost


The gap between breakfast and lunch presents many temptations such as biscuits and crisps. Try turning your mid morning snack from a guilty pleasure into a healthy treat with some melon. A simple slice of watermelon or honeydew is best for an energy boost. Fresh nutrients aside, the water in melons will keep you hydrated and help you stay awake if you’re flagging.


Almonds are among the more convenient healthy food ideas for work as they don’t require prep. Rich in both vitamin E and magnesium, they make for a healthy snack to have by your desk. The protein and fibre will help put a stop to hunger pangs, and magnesium has been shown to prevent muscle cramps should you experience problems with bad posture or strain at your desk. They will also help prevent leg cramps while you’re sleeping, allowing you to get enough rest.


Protein packed snacks are your best friend for fighting the fatigue that hits after a busy morning. Just one cup of edamame will stock you up nicely with 17 grams of protein and 8 grams of fibre. With one cup coming in at just under 200 calories, edamame makes for the perfect office snack. Plus, they are as tasty as beans come.


Lunch: restore and revitalise

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are incredibly tasty – it’s a surprise they are not considered sinfully indulgent. However, by giving us a slow and steady helping of energy and digesting with significant ease, sweet potatoes are the perfect addition to a salad at lunch. Packed with minerals and vitamins, they also provide a hearty supply of the good stuff needed for an afternoon of focus.


Parsley contains heaps of vitamins (A, C, and K) which boost cell regeneration and help the body stay energised. Include some sprigs of parsley in your salad for an added lunchtime boost, or sprinkle some over your pasta to give it that fresh superfood edge.


As one of the best healthy food ideas for work lunch, avocado is all the rage for good reason. Enhancing blood flow and firing up brain cells, avocados help improve your mental functions and maintain focus throughout the afternoon. They also help regulate our appetite and fill us up. Add creamy chunks of avocado to your salad or just scoop them out with a spoon for dessert.


Dinner: eat to aid sleep


Salmon is high in vitamin B6, which helps your body produce both melatonin and serotonin – two hormones which are vital to getting enough sleep and thus preparing you for the next day. The American Heart Association recommends having fatty fish like salmon at least twice a week to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Roast and serve with heap of veg for a filling dinner.


Walnuts also provide a good deal of melatonin so they make for the perfect evening snack. Being so rich in omega-3 means that they will also improve your heart function in the long run. Enjoy a small handful before bed to help you drift off peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed.


Here at Uncommon, we care about how you feel at work. Our creative coworking spaces are designed with your wellbeing in mind. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about where and how you work. Visit our locations in Borough, Highbury & Islington, and Fulham to experience our unique vision of working life.


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