Four plants to lift your home workspace

Four plants to lift your home workspace

It is interesting to note that although we enjoy all the technological advances that modern life has to offer, we are also becoming more and more aware of what nature can give us. How many of us and our friends have commented on the birdsong we hear now that the traffic is minimal? How many pictures have we posted of blossom in bloom? It’s as if we have just woken up to the natural world outside our usual sphere. This is one of the aspects of 2020 we will always be grateful for.

However at Uncommon we have always known of the life-enhancing elements that nature brings to our wellbeing, which is why plants and greenery play such an important part in our décor and designs.

Studies have shown that plants can not only boost our moods, but also reduce our stress levels. In fact, NASA research shows that in just 24 hours houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins, thereby reducing stress levels and improving our concentration.

So now is the time to get that plant for your desk. Here are a few of our favourites:

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera Deliciosa should you want to show off your horticultural knowledge) has large, showy and shiny leaves and is one of the easiest plants to look after which makes it perfect for beginners. It likes light but not direct sunlight and be sure to not overwater it. Those great glossy leaves tend to attract dust so a quick lick with a duster occasionally and a little misting from a spray bottle will keep it happy and healthy.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is everyone’s favourite simply because it is very low maintenance and in spite of neglect will sprout out shoots carrying baby plants which can be carefully removed and potted to start a life of their own in another pot/desk or room. Good if you have pets as it is non-toxic.


Sansevieria – or snake plant is for those who like a touch of drama – is a tall and spiky plant with stripes of red which is better known as mother-in-law’s tongue. Needs very little care,  gentle watering and occasional feeding – and for that it will help clear the surrounding air and release oxygen at night.

Aloe Vera

A great stylish succulent, which helps purify the air by absorbing any formaldehyde and benzene which are found in cleaning products. It needs a warm spot and occasional watering and should you cut or burn yourself simply snap off a bit of a leaf and apply the aloe vera gel.

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