Fitness and gyms in Highbury Islington

Fitness and gyms in Highbury Islington

Whether you live or work in the area, there’s no shortage of fitness classes, bootcamps or gyms in Highbury & Islington to keep you looking and feeling your best.


Gym memberships can be pricey. If you don’t need all the extra perks like fluffy towels, saunas and swimming pools then why pay the premium? Fit4Less offers access exactly what you need to get fit – top quality gym equipment and expert advice – for just £19.99 per month. Located on Liverpool Road, a short walk from Holloway Station, it’s easy to work around your working day.

Bikram Highbury & Islington

For Yoga bunnies looking to try something a little different, head to Bikram Highbury & Islington. The studio offers classes that specialise in unique styles of yoga – from Jivamukti to Forrest yoga. If yoga is new to you, don’t worry; there are plenty of classes tailored to beginners.

Swift Fitness Highbury Bootcamp

Do you find the gym boring? A bootcamp is a good alternative as it allows you to be active, social and enjoy the great outdoors all at the same time. Swift Fitness run bootcamps across London, including in Highbury Fields. Perfect for local residents and busy professionals, the bootcamps are open to all and run on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 18.30-19.30 and on Saturday’s from 10.00-11.00. You can sign up for a free trial and take it from there.

Fit Space

Picking a gym can often feel like a huge commitment. Contracts and fees can leave you feeling like its best to steer clear of joining any gym. Fear not – there any alternative options. Fit4less in Holloway offers a flexible membership option, which means no contracted is needed. Flex membership starts at £19.99 per month and gives you unlimited access to all Fit Space gyms.

Highbury Pool and Gym

We couldn’t write a guide about keeping fit in the area and not include Highbury Pool and Gym. Swimming pools might not be important to everyone, but there’s nothing like a mid-week swim for releasing some stress. You don’t have to be a member to enjoy the pool – entry for adults is £5.00.

Uncommon takes pride in helping businesses thrive. Our workspaces are designed with your wellbeing in mind. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about where and how you work. Visit our locations in Borough, Highbury & Islington, and Fulham to experience our unique vision of working life.

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