Coworking spaces post-COVID: Uncommon and your safety

At Uncommon, we made it our priority to put your safety first when the pandemic first came to light. This has been particularly prominent during the flu in the winter season to make sure that we continue to abide by health and safety measures to keep you well.

This blog will outline all the steps we have been taking since the start of 2020 to create a safe and comfortable working environment, ensuring to always be in line with official PHE and Government advice.

We are confident to say we are creating the safest workspace in London by investing in premium technology. Above and beyond the industry standards.

Going above and beyond

Thermal Cameras

We have advanced thermal cameras installed at the entrances to each of our spaces. Thermal cameras will help us identify anyone (our Team, Members, guests, contractors and delivery couriers alike) entering the building with higher than normal body temperature. We might then restrict their across to the building to prevent the spread of any virus, offer support and recommend you to follow Government advice. The cameras will be accessed only by trained members of our Team. An identical system is currently being used at major London airports.

Zonitise Hospital Grade Sanitising

All our spaces are fully sanitised every 60 days. Our sanitising procedure releases a fine mist of a chemical cleaning solution into the air which then spreads throughout the space and settles on every surface in every nook and cranny that might otherwise have been missed (like keyboards, door handles, light switches). It keeps surfaces virus free for up to 60 days and is proven effective on Coronavirus. Is completely safe for people, environment, food and plants.

People focus

Opening times

All our spaces are currently open 24/7, with our Team available for you 8am till 6pm and security all other hours.


All our Team members have gone through a detailed health & safety training dedicated to prevention of Covid-19 and are happy to provide any additional guidance to help improve yours and your colleagues safety compliance within your dedicated private office space.

Hand Sanitisers

We have prepared handy bottles of hand sanitisers ready and waiting for you for a contactless collection from your Front of House Team. The hand sanitisers are lab tested to kill and protect against 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses, including Coronavirus.


We will continue curating a monthly selection of both, in life events and webinars focusing on wellbeing and mindfulness. For more details visit our Journal and follow us on Instagram.

Our Spaces

Coffee Shops

All our Coffee Shops are fully operational. We are very pleased to continue with our food & drinks offering. Our Team is ensuring all the Coffee Shops operations are in line with Food Hygiene and Covid guidelines.

Meeting Rooms

We are equipping all our meeting rooms with air sterilisers to ensure you can still host your meetings in a safe environment. These top-class Sayoli UV-C devices will sterilise the air by effectively killing aerial antigens. We’ve also introduced new videoconferencing system available at each of our meeting rooms, so you can enjoy your meetings both, in-person and remotely.


New cleaning routine

Our Cleaning Teams are currently focusing on high traffic areas such as communal areas, bathrooms, phone booths and are using only the most effective sanitising cleaning products.

Touch points

We have installed multiple lab-tested hand sanitiser in all high traffic, frequently used touch areas across all our spaces. You’ll find those near to entrances, lift buttons or doorways. Please use those as often as needed.

Clear Desk Policy

To allow our Cleaning Teams to sanitise your desk surface, we operate a clear desk policy. Please ensure your desk is clear at the end of each day and all non-essential items (everything except screens and working equipment) are stored in your pedestals and cabinets.

Air handling

We’ve improved our air handling by: instructing more frequent servicing of all our air handling units, installing top-class Sayoli UV-C devices sterilising the air by effectively killing aerial antigens in all communal areas and continuing to integrate the biophilic design across all spaces.

Your Team

Staff Training

If you need further support and advice on implementing new health and safety measures, please get in touch with the General Manager of your space. We’re happy to provide additional training for you and your team.

Risk Assessment

We have conducted our Health and Safety Risk Assessment in line with the Government guidance (available from the General Manager of your space upon request). We encourage all our members companies to carry out their respective Risk Assessments within their individual private offices, available here.

Bespoke Office Set-up

Our experienced design and operations team can offer you an additional bespoke service. They can also: provide advice on optimising your office layouts in line with spacial guidelines, consult on recommended signage and assist with execution and implementation, provide additional furniture accessories, including desk separators and discuss any specific personal requirements. For costs and details, please get in touch with the General Manger of your space.