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International Men’s Day: The Uncommon Man

This blog is a guest blog by Mark Briant, Co-Founder of That Day & The Uncommon Man. The next Uncommon Man event is on Tuesday 6th December at 6.30pm at Uncommon Liverpool Street. You can grab your ticket here if you are interested, or follow us on social media here.  Saturday 19th November marks International […]

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How coworking spaces help improve your productivity

The question of working environment and productivity has been hotly debated over the past few years as more and more of us have had the opportunity to work from home. However, home working simply isn’t feasible for everyone. As Forbes points out, home working is often interrupted by family members or other distractions that can […]

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Accelerating Careers in Real Estate Podcast

Intrigued about our CEO’s, Chris Davies personal career development and achievement’s? Chris was recently interviewed by Nicholas Carman, host of Accelerating Careers in Real Estate. In front of a 150-person audience at Uncommon Liverpool Street, he answered a multitude of questions ranging from where to source help to measuring risk vs opportunity. Thanks to the […]

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May Webinars & Online Events @ Uncommon

Enjoy virtual events and webinars, hand-picked by us, just for you. Our members events are also running every month, they range from a variety of fitness classes, drinks, tea times, breakfasts and more. Please keep an eye out on our monthly newsletters, posters and screens around the spaces for dates and times for your site. […]

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Why Uncommon coworking spaces will become more common

The arrival of Generation Z (Gen Z) into the post-pandemic office’s has heralded a new form of workplace. Sustainability and wellness are the expectations for the workplace from it’s newest entrants.  Here we explore how Gen-Z are weaving their way into coworking spaces and why. How coworking spaces have been catering to Gen-z post pandemic […]

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