Stretch for SW6: best yoga classes in Fulham

Stretch for SW6: best yoga classes in Fulham

Those with busy working lives often choose to take refuge in the tranquility of the yoga studio. Ancient Eastern principles of contentment and self-discipline help improve all aspects of life, from physical strength to mental health and personal relationships. By allowing yourself a brief moment to breathe, focus, and relax, you learn to make the most of the present. To take control of your mind and body. To cultivate a sense of purpose and happiness like no other.

The yoga classes in Fulham featured here offer an effective alternative to the pace of city living. Relish the unique experience of yoga in a safe and fun environment. Build up your strength, improve your vitality, and carry a fresh perspective into your life outside the studio. Furthermore, you can start right now: why not take a class on your lunch break or in the morning before work? If you’re a current or prospective member of our brand new Uncommon workspace in Fulham, we hope that these yoga classes help inject some calm and joy into your busy daily routine.


The Power Yoga Company

For over a decade now, The Power Yoga Company have been hosting yoga classes in Fulham with a view to celebrating the human body, developing the mind with concentrated movement, and savouring the inherent joy of life itself.

Standing tall as the best studio for power yoga Fulham has to offer (and maybe London too), keen yogis flock from all over the capital to experience the PYC’s unique way of attaining peace through this process of nurturing physical strength. The postures are intense and purposeful, the classes are challenging and rewarding, and the teachers are at the top of their game. Running shop from a beautiful wood-lined studio just round the corner from Parsons Green, resident yoga fanatics in Fulham can easily catch one of the many daily classes on offer here.

They even have an organic juice bar stocked with a range of nutritious and tasty smoothies, each completely free of chemical (and animal) nasties. It’s perfect for winding down after class, fostering balance in your diet as well as your mind, body, and soul. And if you’re feeling peckish, you could grab a snack or a protein bar too! What more could you want, really?

Drop-ins range from £11 to £16, but package deals can save you over 30% and those new to The Power Yoga Company get three classes for just £15.


The Hot Spot Yoga

Sometimes achieving the best results means breaking a sweat. The committed teachers over at The Hot Spot Yoga know this better than anyone. With a lifetime of combined experience in tow,  alongside classes to suit all experience levels (including candlelit classes on Sunday evenings), this boutique studio brings the perks of hot yoga to Fulham and beyond every day of the week.

If you didn’t already know, hot yoga (traditionally Bikram yoga) involves a series of just 26 yoga poses and two breathing exercises practiced in a high-temperature and low-risk environment. The heat increases blood flow and improves respiration in such a way that it ultimately helps burn calories, lose weight, aid posture, and improve your overall wellbeing too. At The Hot Spot, hot yoga is more than just a fitness trend. It’s truly a way of life, and one worth living at that! Those looking for yoga classes in Fulham with more physical intensity might want to drop by – the studio is nestled between Parsons Green and Munster Road.

Single drop-in sessions start at £20, 5 classes cost £75.00, and 10 classes come in at £140.00. Newcomers get 20 consecutive days of yoga for just £35.00.


Fulham Osteopathic Care

Established by registered osteopath and midwife Isabel Diaz, this practice on Fulham Road promotes musculoskeletal wellbeing and offers expert treatment of injuries, aches, and pains. Those looking to improve their posture, recover from injury, or partake in tailored exercise plans (including regimes for during or after pregnancy) will benefit from the principles of osteopathy.

The yoga classes at Fulham Osteopathic Care are designed specifically to restore the body, making them suitable for those in recovery and those keeping on top of their physical wellbeing. Resident yoga teacher Casey Jade Hill delivers regular classes in a range of different styles, each of them intimate, supportive, and individualised. Practicing only with small groups from a beautiful studio with traditional Japanese interior design, her classes offer fulfilling and practical yoga treatment to people of all abilities and all ages.

Choose from Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, and more general yoga classes suitable for all levels. Many classes also incorporate elements of meditation and massage therapy to guarantee deeply rejuvenating results. With such personalised treatment you truly are in safe hands.

As a private practice they do not offer drop-in sessions, although you can book individual appointments here. Single classes come in at £18, or you can buy a 6 class pass for £100.


Slice Urban Lifestyle Studios

This modern exercise studio space boast plenty of great classes with experienced teachers, offering everything from HIIT and spinning classes to an exciting selection of yoga classes. Luckily, with classes taking place from 6 in the morning to 9 in the evening, Slice Studios (located just minutes from Parsons Green for your convenience) gives you the perfect opportunity to get a healthy dose of yoga before or after work, especially if you work in Fulham.

Ease in with a beginner yoga class. Get your sweat on with an hour of power yoga on your lunch break. Enjoy a hybrid of yoga styles and a great cardio workout with ‘yin and yang yoga’. Or perhaps cap off your work day with an evening session of ‘chillout yoga’, a tranquil class accessible to all experience levels. With enough yoga classes to keep the whole of Fulham fit, Slice are clearly dedicated to yoga for the masses, making life a lot easier for the rest of us!

Drop-in classes are £15, but prices per class are much lower with ‘Slice & Dice’ package offers. Unlimited memberships come at £95 per month and newcomers get 3 weeks of classes for £40.



Here at Uncommon, we care about how you feel at work. Our coworking spaces are designed with your wellbeing in mind. Every single detail helps create an environment in which you can feel good about your work. Visit Uncommon in Fulham, Highbury & Islington, and Borough to experience our unique vision of working life.


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