AI in the workplace

AI in the workplace

When working on your own or in a small set- up, there never appears to be enough time to do all that you need… which is why many of us are still sending emails or embarking on some research in the middle of the night. Well this has got to stop… it’s time to find a little helper and with Artificial Intelligence here it is. It’s almost magical – a robotic algorithm that can simulate human intelligence.

Most of us are already using elements of AI – for instance Amazon’s Alexa does a great job with reminders, memos and music, and very few people, even when first meeting her, have experienced problems with her understanding the spoken word. Siri is the same – want to know something – just ask the question, need a restaurant recommendation, she’s always at hand, or even on your arm. So far Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more part of our daily lives, not only do we have Alexa but we also have photos on our smart phones on which we can tag objects and places – just imagine doing that with information and key facts on reports and documents.

AI is not here to replace human effort and endeavour, merely to supplement it and to free us from the dull to get on with the proactive and creative side of our work.

Here are a few of our favourites to help make your life a little easier: can do everything everybody else finds boring, but without complaining. It acts a virtual PA scheduling, rescheduling, transcribing and distributing notes and memoranda.

AI Sense

AI Sense which comes as part of Zoom does very much the same transcribing meetings and publishing as texts.

Skype Translators AI

Need to talk to a putative partner/customer/contact in Sweden or Istanbul – but your language skills aren’t up to the mark? Get Skype Translators AI which will translate in real time for you during a conference call.


When it all gets too much and you need a break or a holiday, not sure where to go, or how much it will cost then, go straight to Kayak’s chatbot messenger who will help you sort it out and book it.

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