3 exercises to keep your mind healthy while in isolation

3 exercises to keep your mind healthy while in isolation

Isolation is a testing time. The social flux that we’re witnessing has transformed our daily lives, restricting our routines, workspaces, and sense of freedom. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of keeping our minds healthy.

At Uncommon, we feel that the secret to maintaining a healthy mind is balance. In isolation, you need your mind to stay sharp, focused and engaged to achieve all you can, but it’s equally as important to rest and refresh when work is over. When you can get the balance right, these two seemingly disparate needs will work to support one another.

Here are 3 exercises that combine physical, mental, engaging and restful concepts to help keep your mind healthy while in isolation:

Home circuits

Accessible, readily available and often requiring no equipment, home circuits are an ideal morning exercise for those in isolation. The routines are comprised of timed body-weight and movement exercises executed in rotation, and are suitable for all fitness levels. In addition to the physical benefits, the boost of endorphins, energy and positivity that is induced will carry you through the day.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to home circuit routines. Friends of Uncommon and mental fitness innovators, Mob Fit, are currently offering streamed workouts from across their catalogue; body coach Joe Wicks has a wide range of content available on YouTube, and the ubiquitous Les Mills offers an on-demand service giving users access to their high-intensity collection.


Yoga is marvellous for physical and mental wellbeing. The movements and holds that participants perform strengthen the body while grounding the mind and centering consciousness. Depending on your daily schedule and preference, yoga can offer varying benefits at different times of the day. Morning sessions can help you to wake your body, stretch off sleep and approach the day with calm and confidence. Lunchtime sessions can help you readjust, take stock and balance, while evening sessions can clear your mind, helping you shed the day’s events and relax.

Yoga With Adriene is a fantastic YouTube channel offering a wide catalogue of guided sessions, of varying intensities and durations.

Taking time for yourself

While physical exercise is important to a healthy mind, so is taking time for yourself. Time spent alone on a mindful activity is a fundamental component of resting, refreshing and enriching your mentality, no matter how much time you can afford. This time is your own, and if you’re unsure of what to do, think of it as a chance for positive experimentation.

Podcasts are a remarkable, and often free, way to access an inexhaustible selection of content that offers you escape, education, excitement, relaxation, or simply the opportunity to peacefully listen to engaging conversation.

Mindfulness apps like Stop, Breathe & Think can help introduce you to meditation and guided breathing. We are also hosting daily morning mindfulness sessions for Uncommon members to learn how to manage emotions, stay motivated and unlock higher levels of productivity.

Reading a book will slow your mind, whilst also improving cognition, concentration and vocabulary, and creative pursuits can prove to be cathartic and elevating pastimes.

There’s very little better for your mind than finding something that is right for you, and enjoying it.

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